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Adding Style to Your Pictures
Adding Style to Your Pictures
PowerPoint enables you to draw attention to your pictures by adding stylistic
features such as borders, shadows, and reflections. Figure 11-8 shows a slide
with several copies of a picture, each with a different style applied.
Figure 11-8: Pictures with style.
To add a style effect to a picture, select the picture and open the Picture Tools
tab on the Ribbon. Then, simply select the picture style you want to apply.
PowerPoint comes with 28 predefined picture styles, shown in the gallery
pictured in Figure 11-9. Each of these styles is simply a combination of three
types of formatting you can apply to pictures: Shape, Border, and Effects. If
you want, you can apply these formats individually as described in the
following sections.
Note that if you use one of these predefined picture styles, the picture will
be updated automatically if you later change the presentation’s theme. As a
result, you should use one of the predefined styles whenever possible.
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