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Applying Artistic Effects
Saturation: Controls the overall amount of color in the picture
Color Tone: Controls the overall “warmth” of the picture’s color
Recolor: Lets you change the primary color visible in the picture
To change a picture’s color, click the Color button on the Picture Tools
Format tab and choose one of the options from the gallery of preset choices.
Or, choose the Picture Color Options command at the bottom of the Color
menu. Doing this brings up the color controls shown in Figure 11-11. As you
can see, in this figure I’ve used the color controls to render the picture in
black and white.
Figure 11-11: Setting the Color options for a picture.
Applying Artistic Effects
The Artistic Effects command applies one of several special filters to your
picture in an effort to make the picture look like it was created by an artist
rather than photographed with a $60 digital camera. Depending on the nature
of the original picture, the results may or may not be convincing; the only
way to find out is to try.
Here is a list of the artistic effects that are available on the Artistic Effects button:
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