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Compressing Your Pictures
However, it turns out that the amount of detail contained in your average
digital photograph is mostly wasted in a PowerPoint slide show. That’s because
digital cameras are designed to create pictures that can be printed on
highresolution printers. However, most computer monitors (and projectors) have
a much lower resolution.
To compensate for this, PowerPoint includes a Compress Pictures command
that can eliminate the extraneous detail in your images and thereby reduce
the size of your presentation files. To save even more space, the Compress
Pictures command also removes any parts of your pictures that have been
You can use this command to compress just a single picture or to compress
all the pictures in your presentation at once. I recommend that you compress
all your pictures by following these steps:
1. Double-click any picture in the presentation to bring up the Picture
Tools Format tab.
The dialog box shown in Figure 11-13 appears.
Figure 11-13: Compressing pictures.
2. Deselect the Apply Only to This Picture option.
If you leave this option checked, only the selected picture will be
compressed. Deselect this option to compress all the pictures in the
3. Select Screen for the Target Output option.
This step sets the compression so that image quality will still be good
when the pictures are displayed on a computer screen or projector.
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