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Removing Picture Backgrounds
4. Click OK.
The images are compressed. Note that if you have a lot of pictures in
your presentation, this step may take a few moments.
5. Save your presentation.
The images won’t actually be compressed in the presentation file until
you save the file.
Removing Picture Backgrounds
One final bit of picture editing wizardry provided by PowerPoint 2013 is the
capability to remove the background from a picture. For example, Figure 11-14
shows a picture of my dog Odie with the background removed.
Figure 11-14: Odie with the background removed.
To accomplish this bit of photo-editing magic, follow these steps:
1. Double-click the picture whose background you want to remove.
2. Click the Remove Background button in the Picture Tools Format tab.
When you do, PowerPoint attempts to determine which part of your
picture is the subject of the picture and which part is the background.
The background is then displayed in purple. In addition, a special
Background Removal tab appears on the Ribbon. See Figure 11-15.
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