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Chapter 12: Drawing on Your Slides
Drawing on Your Slides
In This Chapter
Using the PowerPoint drawing tools
Using predefined shapes
Drawing polygons or curved lines
Changing colors and line types
Creating 3-D objects
Flipping and rotating objects
Using advanced tricks
“Chim-chiminey, chim-chiminey, chim-chim cheroo, I draws what I likes
and I likes what I drew. . . .”
Art time! Get your crayons and glue and don an old paint
shirt. You’re going to cut out some simple shapes
and paste them on your PowerPoint slides so that
people either think that you’re a wonderful artist or
scoff at you for not using clip art.
This chapter covers the drawing features of
PowerPoint 2013. Once upon a time, PowerPoint
had but rudimentary drawing tools — the
equivalent of a box of crayons — but PowerPoint now has
powerful drawing tools that are sufficient for all but
the most sophisticated aspiring artists.
Some General Drawing Tips
Before getting into the specifics of using each PowerPoint drawing tool,
the following sections describe a handful of general tips for drawing pictures.
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