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Chapter 12: Drawing on Your Slides
Zooming in
When you work with the PowerPoint drawing tools, you might want to
increase the zoom factor so that you can draw more accurately. I often work
at 200, 300, or even 400 percent when I’m drawing. To change the zoom
factor, use the zoom slider located in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
Before you change the zoom factor to edit an object, select the object that
you want to edit. This way, PowerPoint zooms in on that area of the slide.
If you don’t select an object before you zoom in, you might need to scroll
around to find the right location.
Displaying the ruler, gridlines, and guides
PowerPoint provides three onscreen features that can help you line up your
Ruler: Horizontal and vertical rulers appear at the top of and to the left
of the slide.
Gridlines: A grid of evenly spaced dots appears directly on the slide.
Guides: A pair of horizontal and vertical lines intersect on your slide like
crosshairs in a target.
You can activate any or all of these features by clicking the View tab on the
Ribbon and selecting the Ruler, Gridlines, or Guides check box. Figure 12-1
shows PowerPoint with the rulers, gridlines, and guides displayed.
Figure 12-1: PowerPoint with the rulers, gridlines, and guides on.
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