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Creating Other Shapes
The steps for drawing an oval are the same as the steps for drawing a
rectangle except that you click the Oval button rather than the Rectangle button.
To draw a square or perfectly round circle, select the Rectangle button or the
Oval button but hold down the Shift key while you draw.
You can adjust the size or shape of a rectangle or circle by clicking it and
dragging any of its love handles (the small circles you see at the corners of
the shape).
Creating Other Shapes
Rectangles and circles aren’t the only two shapes that PowerPoint can draw
automatically. The Shapes gallery includes many other types of shapes you
can draw, such as pentagons, stars, and flowchart symbols.
The Shapes gallery (refer to Figure 12-2) organizes shapes into the following
Recently Used Shapes: The top section of the gallery lists as many as 24
of the shapes you’ve used most recently. The shapes found in this
section change each time you draw a new shape.
Lines: Straight lines, curved lines, lines with arrowheads, scribbly lines,
and free-form shapes that can become polygons if you want. The
freeform shape is useful enough to merit its own section, “Drawing a
polygon or free-form shape,” later in this chapter.
Rectangles: Basic rectangular shapes, including not just a regular
rectangle but also rectangles with corners lopped off.
Basic Shapes: Squares, rectangles, triangles, crosses, happy faces,
lightning bolts, hearts, clouds, and more.
Block Arrows: Fat arrows pointing in various directions.
Equation Shapes: Shapes for drawing simple math equations.
Flowchart: Various flowcharting symbols.
Stars and Banners: Shapes that add sparkle to your presentations.
Callouts: Text boxes and speech bubbles like those used in comic strips.
Action Buttons: Buttons that you can add to your slides and click during
a slide show to go directly to another slide or to run a macro.
Drawing a shape
The following steps explain how to draw a shape:
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