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Adding a Chart to Your Presentation
Chart: Inserts a chart.
SmartArt: Inserts a SmartArt graphic, as described in Chapter 14.
Picture: Inserts a picture, as described in Chapter 11.
Online Picture: Inserts a picture from an online source, as
described in Chapter 11.
Media: Inserts a movie, as described in Chapter 15.
4. Click the Chart icon in the middle of the Content placeholder.
The Chart icon is the one in the middle of the top row of icons. Clicking
this icon summons the Insert Chart dialog box shown in Figure 13-2.
Figure 13-2: The Insert Chart dialog box.
5. Select the type of chart you want to create.
You can select any of the following chart types:
Column: Data is shown as vertical columns. The columns can be
displayed side by side or stacked, and you can pick various shapes
for the columns including simple bars, 3-D blocks, cylinders, cones,
and pyramids.
Line: The data is shown as individual points linked by various
types of lines.
Pie: The data is shown as slices in a circular pie.
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