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Adding a Chart to Your Presentation
to chart. Notice that any changes you make to the spreadsheet data are
automatically reflected in the chart.
For more information, turn to the section “Working with Chart Data,”
later in this chapter.
8. Customize the chart any way you want.
For example, you can change the chart layout or style, as described later
in this chapter. Figure 13-4 shows a finished chart.
Figure 13-4: A slide with a finished chart.
Adding a chart to an existing slide
If you prefer, you can add a chart to an existing slide by following these steps:
1. Move to the slide on which you want to place the chart.
2. Activate the Insert tab on the Ribbon. Click the Chart button in the
Illustrations group.
This step summons the Insert Chart dialog box (refer to Figure 13-2).
3. Select the type of chart you want to create and then click OK.
PowerPoint launches Excel (if it isn’t already running) and inserts a
chart based on sample data.
See the section “Changing the Chart Type,” later in this chapter, for
more information about chart types.
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