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Changing the Chart Type
Changing the data selection
The Select Data button in the Data group of the Design tab (shown in the
margin) lets you change the selection of data that your chart is based on.
When you click this button, you’re escorted to Excel, and the dialog box
shown in Figure 13-7 is displayed.
Figure 13-7: The Select Data Source dialog box.
This dialog box lets you do three basic tasks:
Change the range. You can change the range of data that’s used for the
chart by using the Chart Data Range text box.
Switch row/column. You can switch rows and columns by clicking the
Switch Row/Column button. Doing this has the same effect as clicking
the Switch Row/Column button back in PowerPoint.
Modify ranges and series. You can play with the individual ranges that
contain the data for each series. You can add a new series, edit the
range used for an existing series, delete a series, or change the order in
which the series are presented.
Editing the source data
To change the actual data values on which a chart is based, click the Edit
Data button in the Data group of the Design tab (shown in the margin). This
action launches Excel to display the chart data. You can then make any
changes you want. When you return to PowerPoint (by clicking anywhere in
the PowerPoint window), the chart is updated to reflect your changes.
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