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Embellishing Your Chart
The Ribbon expands to include the three Chart Tools tabs. (Refer to
Figure 13-5.)
2. Click the Design tab.
3. Select the style you want to use from the Chart Styles group.
The Chart Styles group displays the most commonly used styles for the
chart type.
If the style you want to use isn’t visible in this group, you can click the
More button to display a gallery of all available styles. (The More button
is the down-arrow button at the bottom of the scroll bar that appears at
the right side of the Chart Styles group.)
Embellishing Your Chart
PowerPoint enables you to embellish a chart in many ways: You can add
titles, labels, legends, and who knows what else. The easiest way to add
these elements is by selecting a chart layout, as described in the earlier
section “Changing the Chart Layout.” However, you can create your own unique
chart layout by adding these elements individually.
To do that, select the chart and then click the Chart Elements button that
appears next to the chart (shown in the margin). A list of chart elements
appears, as shown in Figure 13-11. You can then select the chart elements
you want to appear on your chart.
Figure 13-11: Adding elements to a chart.
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