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Embellishing Your Chart
The following paragraphs describe the elements you can add to your charts:
Axes: Sometimes an axe is what you’d like to use to fix your computer.
But in this case, axes refer to the X- and Y-axes on which chart data is
plotted. The X-axis is the horizontal axis of the chart, and the Y-axis is
the vertical axis. For 3-D charts, a third axis — Z — is also used. The
Axes control lets you show or hide the labels used for each chart axis.
Axis titles: These titles describe the meaning of each chart axis. Most
charts use two axes titles: the Primary Horizontal Axis Title and the
Primary Vertical Axis Title.
Chart titles: A chart title describes the chart’s contents. It normally
appears at the top of the chart, but you can drag it to any location.
Data Labels: Lets you add labels to the data points on the chart. For
maximum control over the data labels, choose More Options to display
the Format Data Labels task pane, as shown in Figure 13-12.
Figure 13-12: The Format Data Labels task pane.
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