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Chapter 14: Working with SmartArt
• Coffee break at 10:00
• Look smart!
• Best part of the day!
• No more than 90 minutes
More work
• Coffee break at 2:00
• Try to stay awake at 4:00
• Leave early today?
Figure 14-2 shows how this list appears when formatted as an Increasing
Arrows Process chart. As you can see, the second-level bullets are
incorporated as text within the diagram.
Figure 14-2: How second-level text is displayed in an Increasing Arrows Process chart.
One of the most useful aspects of SmartArt is that you can easily change from
one type of diagram to another. Thus, if you decide that a diagram doesn’t
convey the message you intend, you can try changing the diagram type to see
whether the message is clearer.
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