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Tweaking a SmartArt Diagram
Table 14-1
Types of Diagrams You Can Create
Diagram Type
Shows a simple list. Some of the list diagrams
show information that doesn’t have any
particular organization; others display
information in a way that implies a sequential
progression, such as steps in a task.
Shows a process in which steps flow in a
sequential fashion.
Shows a process that repeats in a continuous
Shows hierarchical relationships, such as
organization charts.
Shows how items are conceptually related
to one another. Included in this group are
various types of radial and Venn diagrams.
Shows four items arranged into quadrants.
Shows how elements build upon one
another to form a foundation.
Shows information in a variety of different
formats that incorporate picture objects into
the chart design. For more information about
working with pictures, refer to Chapter 11.
Tweaking a SmartArt Diagram
After you’ve created a SmartArt diagram, you can adjust its appearance in
many ways. The easiest is to change the SmartArt Style that’s applied to the
diagram. A SmartArt Style is simply a collection of formatting elements such
as colors and shape effects that are assigned to the various elements of a
SmartArt diagram.
Microsoft provides a large assortment of SmartArt styles to choose from. For
example, Figure 14-5 shows the style gallery for Pyramid diagrams.
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