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Working with Organization Charts
Figure 14-7: Editing SmartArt bullet text.
Working with Organization Charts
Organization charts — you know, those box-and-line charts that show who
reports to whom, where the buck stops, and who got the lateral arabesque —
are an essential part of many presentations.
The hierarchical SmartArt diagrams are ideal for creating organization
charts. You can create diagrams that show bosses, subordinates, co-workers,
and assistants. You can easily rearrange the chain of command, add new boxes
or delete boxes, and apply fancy 3-D effects. Figure 14-8 shows a finished
organization chart.
The bullet list I used to create this chart looked like this before I converted it
to SmartArt:
• Sneezy
• Grumpy
• Sleepy
• Happy
• Bashful
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