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Working with Organization Charts
Notice that Dopey isn’t in this list. That’s because Dopey is in a special kind
of box on the chart, called an Assistant. You find out how to add Assistant
boxes later in this chapter.
Figure 14-8: A finished organization chart.
Keep in mind that organization charts are useful for more than showing
employee relationships. You also can use them to show any kind of
hierarchical structure. For example, back when I wrote computer programs for a living,
I used organization charts to plan the structure of my computer programs.
They’re also great for recording family genealogies, although they don’t have
any way to indicate that Aunt Milly hasn’t spoken to Aunt Beatrice in 30 years.
Adding boxes to a chart
You can add a box to an organization chart by calling up the Text pane and
editing the text. Refer to the section “Editing the SmartArt Text,” earlier in
this chapter, for tips on how to do that.
Alternatively, you can use the controls in the SmartArt Tools tab on the Ribbon
to add boxes. One nice feature that these controls provide is the capability to
add an Assistant, which is a box that appears outside of the hierarchical chain
of command. Here are the steps:
1. Click the box you want the new box to be below or next to.
2. Open the SmartArt Tools tab on the Ribbon.
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