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Setting Audio Options
Figure 15-2: A sound inserted onto a slide.
Here are a few other random thoughts on adding sounds to your slides:
To play a sound while working in Normal View, double-click the sound
icon. However, to play the sound during a slide show, click only once.
Remember that you can also play audio files as a part of the slide
transition. For more information, see Chapter 9.
If you change your mind and decide that you don’t want any sounds,
you can easily remove them. To remove a sound, click the sound’s icon
(which resembles a speaker) and press Delete.
Setting Audio Options
You can control several important aspects of how an audio file is played by
selecting the file to reveal the Audio Tools contextual tab on the Ribbon and
then opening the Playback tab, shown in Figure 15-3. As you can see, this tab
contains several controls that let you edit the way the sound file is played.
The following sections explain how to use the most important of these tools.
Figure 15-3: The Audio Tools Playback tab.
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