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Setting Video Options
Looping a video
If the video is short, you may want to repeat it over and over again until you
move to the next slide. To do so, select the Loop Until Stopped check box
found in the Video Options group.
Trimming a video clip
The Trim Video button summons the Trim Video dialog box, which is shown
in Figure 15-8. Here, you can select the portion of the video clip you want to
play in your presentation. You can choose the start and end points of the
video by dragging the start pointer or the red end pointer over the image of
the video’s soundtrack wave, which appears immediately beneath the video
frame. Or, you can enter the time (in seconds) in the Start Time and End
Time boxes.
Figure 15-8: The Trim Video dialog box.
Playing the video full screen
If you want the video to take over the entire screen, select the Play Full Screen
check box. Note that this option works best for high-quality videos. If the
video is of lower quality, it may not look good when played in full-screen mode.
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