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Setting Video Options
3. Click the Play button that appears beneath the video frame.
The video begins to play.
4. When the video reaches the point where you want to insert the
bookmark, click the Add Bookmark button on the Playback tab (shown in
the margin).
The bookmark is created; a small dot appears in the progress bar that
appears beneath the video frame to mark the location of the bookmark.
5. Click the Stop button beneath the video frame to stop the video.
6. Create an object on the slide that you will animate when the
bookmark is reached during playback.
For this example, I created a text box with the text “Liftoff!”
7. Click the Animations tab.
8. Select the object you created in Step 6 and then click the Add
Animation button in the Animations tab. Select the animation effect
you want.
For this example, I chose the Appear effect to cause the object to
9. Click the Trigger button on the Animations tab, choose On Bookmark,
and then choose the bookmark you created in Step 4.
Doing this sets up the animation so that it is triggered automatically
when the bookmark in the video is reached.
You’re done!
Here are a few additional points to ponder concerning bookmarks:
You can create more than one bookmark in a single video. Each
bookmark can be used as an animation trigger.
To remove a bookmark, click the small circle that represents the
bookmark in the video’s slider bar. Then click the Remove Bookmark button
in the Ribbon (shown in the margin).
For more information about creating animations, refer to Chapter 9.
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