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Chapter 16: More Things to Insert on Your Slides
More Things to Insert
on Your Slides
In This Chapter
Adding a table to a slide
Using the Insert tab to create a WordArt object
Adding a hyperlink to a slide
Working with action buttons
Creating fancy equations
The Insert tab on the Ribbon is chock-full of goodies you can insert into
your presentations. The most important of these goodies have
already been covered in other chapters: pictures clip art
(Chapter 11), shapes (Chapter 12), SmartArt (Chapter 14),
and movies and sounds (Chapter 15).
But you can insert a lot more, including tables,
WordArt, hyperlinks, and actions. This chapter
covers these items.
Inserting Tables
Tables are a great way to present lots of
information in an orderly fashion. For example, if you want to
create a slide that shows how many people like or hate
various computer presentation programs, a table is the
way to go. Or if you’re considering purchasing some new
computer equipment and want to list the prices for five different
computer configurations from three different vendors, a table is the best way.
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