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Chapter 16: More Things to Insert on Your Slides
4. Type information into the table’s cells.
You can click any cell in the table and start typing. Or you can move
from cell to cell by pressing the Tab key or the arrow keys.
5. Play with the formatting if you want.
You can use Table Tools on the Ribbon, described later in this section,
to control the formatting for the table.
6. Stop and smell the roses.
When you’re done, you’re done. Admire your work.
Figure 16-3 shows an example of a finished table.
Figure 16-3: A finished table.
Inserting a table on a slide
You can use the Table button on the Insert tab to insert a table on an existing
slide. When you click this button, a gridlike menu appears that enables you
to select the size of the table you want to create, as shown in Figure 16-4. You
can use this technique to create a table as large as ten columns and eight rows.
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