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Chapter 16: More Things to Insert on Your Slides
Figure 16-5: Drawing a table.
4. Carve the table into smaller cells.
To do that, just drag lines across the table. For example, to split the
table into two rows, point the cursor somewhere along the left edge
of the table and then click and drag a line across the table to the right
edge. When you release the mouse button, the table splits into two rows.
You can continue to carve the table into smaller and smaller cells. For
each slice, point the cursor at one edge of where you want the new cell
to begin and click and drag to the other edge.
5. If you want to change the line size or style drawn for a particular
segment, use the Pen Style and Pen Weight drop-down controls in the
Draw Borders group on the Table Tools Design tab.
You can change the style of a line you’ve already drawn by tracing over
the line with a new style.
6. If you make a mistake while drawing the table cells, click the Eraser
(the one that looks like an eraser) button in the Draw Borders group
and erase the mistaken line segment.
Or, just press Ctrl+Z or click the Undo button on the Quick Access Toolbar.
If you want to draw additional segments after using the Erase tool, click
the Draw Table button.
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