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Chapter 16: More Things to Insert on Your Slides
Last Column: Indicates whether the style should format the last column
differently than the other columns in the table
Banded Columns: Indicates whether alternating columns should be
formatted differently
After you’ve set the Quick Style options, you can apply a Table Style to the
table by clicking the style you want to apply (refer to Figure 16-5). If the style
doesn’t appear in the Table Styles group under Table Tools on the Ribbon,
click the More button to reveal the Table Styles gallery, shown in Figure 16-7.
This gallery displays all the built-in styles provided with PowerPoint.
Figure 16-7: The Table Styles gallery.
In addition to using one of the preselected table styles, you can format each
cell and line in your table by using the following controls under Table Tools:
Shading: Sets the background color for the selected cells.
Borders: Lets you control which edges of the selected cells have borders.
Effects: Applies bevels, shadows, and reflections. (Note that you can
apply bevels to individual cells, but shadows and reflections apply to
the entire table.)
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