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Adding Action Buttons
2. Click the Hyperlink button in the Links group on the Insert tab.
The Insert Hyperlink dialog box appears (refer to Figure 16-11).
3. Click the Existing File or Web Page icon in the list of icons on the left
side of the dialog box.
You can also link to a specific slide within another presentation by
clicking the Bookmark button in the Insert Hyperlink dialog box. This brings
up another dialog box listing the slides in the selected presentation.
Choose the slide you want to link to; then click OK to return to the Insert
Hyperlink dialog box.
4. Click Current Folder.
5. Select the file that you want to link to.
You might have to rummage about your hard drive to find the presentation.
The presentation that you link to doesn’t have to be in the same folder
or even on the same drive as the current presentation. In fact, you can
link to a presentation that resides on a network file server.
6. Click OK.
When you follow a link to another presentation, PowerPoint automatically
opens the other presentation. This means that you now have both
presentations open. When you’re finished viewing the second presentation, close it to
return to the original presentation.
If you want to create a hyperlink to an existing web page, just type the address
of the web page in your outline or on your slide and a hyperlink automatically
appears. You can select any page of a website as long as you know the URL
for that specific page.
To remove a hyperlink, right-click the hyperlink that you want to zap and
then choose Remove Hyperlink from the menu that appears. To change a
hyperlink, right-click it and choose Edit Hyperlink.
Adding Action Buttons
An action button is a special type of AutoShape that places a button on the
slide. When the user clicks the button during a slide show, PowerPoint takes
whatever action you’ve designated for the button. A well-planned arrangement
of action buttons scattered throughout a presentation can make it easy for
someone to view the presentation in any order he or she wants.
The following sections describe how action buttons work and show you how
to add them to your presentations.
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