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Adding Action Buttons
Assigning button actions
When you create an action button, you assign both a shape for the button (you
have 12 shapes to choose from; the shapes are described a bit later in this
section) and an action to be taken when the user clicks the button or merely
points the cursor at it. The action for a button can be any of the following:
Activate a hyperlink: This is the most common button action. It causes
a different slide in the current presentation, a different presentation
altogether, a non-PowerPoint document, or even an Internet web page to
Run a program: For example, you can set up a button that runs
Microsoft Word or Excel.
Run a macro: PowerPoint lets you create macros, which are programs
written in a powerful programming language called Visual Basic for
Play a sound: This is just one way to add sound to a PowerPoint
presentation. For more ways, refer to Chapter 15.
Choosing button shapes
PowerPoint provides a selection of built-in shapes for action buttons. Table
16-2 lists the action button shapes that you can place in your presentation
and indicates what type of action is associated with each type.
Table 16-2
Action Buttons
Button Image
What the Button Does
Back or Previous
Displays the preceding slide in the
Forward or Next
Displays the next slide in the
Displays the first slide in the presentation
Displays the last slide in the presentation
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