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Inserting Equations
You can easily duplicate a button by holding down the Ctrl key while you
drag the button to a new location. This technique makes it easy to create
several similar buttons, such as navigation buttons.
3. Return to Normal View.
Click the Normal View button or click the Normal button in the
Presentation Views group on the View tab.
The buttons that you created appear on every slide in your presentation.
Inserting Equations
Steven Hawking has said that his editor told him that every mathematical
equation he included in his classic book A Brief History of Time would cut the
book’s sales in half. So he included just one: the classic e=mc 2 . See how easy
that equation was to type? The only trick was remembering how to format
the little 2 as a superscript.
My editor promised me that every equation I included in this topic would
double its sales, but I didn’t believe her, not even for a nanosecond. Just in
case, Figure 16-14 shows some examples of the equations you can create by
using PowerPoint’s handy-dandy Equation feature. You wouldn’t even
consider using ordinary text to try to create these equations, but they took me
only a few minutes to create with the Equation tool. Aren’t they cool? Tell all
your friends about the cool equations you saw in this topic so that they’ll all
rush out and buy copies for themselves.
You don’t have to know anything about math to use PowerPoint. I don’t have
a clue what most of the equations in Figure 16-14 do, but they sure look great,
don’t they?
Don’t forget to tell your friends how great the equations in Figure 16-14 are.
Those alone are worth the price of the book.
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