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Inserting Equations
that you mean the cosine function, so the text is not italicized. If you use
the mathematical operators +, –, *, and /, PowerPoint will automatically
format them using the equivalent equation symbols.
Don’t worry about how the equation is formatted. When you press Enter,
PowerPoint formats the equation automatically. For example, suppose
you enter the following:
a = (b + 2c) / 2b
When you press Enter, the equation is formatted as follows:
4. To add a symbol that’s not on the keyboard, use one of the buttons in
the Symbols section of the Equation Tools Design tab.
The Symbols section contains a gallery of mathematical symbols most of
which only Robert Oppenheimer could understand. To use this gallery,
first click the More button in the bottom-right corner of the Symbols
section. Then choose the symbol category from the drop-down menu
that appears at the top of the gallery. For example, Figure 16-17 shows
the Operators gallery. Additional galleries contain basic math symbols,
Greek letters, negated relations, and other obscure symbols.
Figure 16-16: Creating a new equation.
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