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Chapter 17: Collaborating in the Cloud
Collaborating in the Cloud
In This Chapter
Saving a presentation to the cloud
Inviting others to view or edit a shared presentation
Sending your presentation via e-mail
Adding comments to a presentation
Comparing changes in a revised version of a presentation
Works well with others” is more than standard fare for rookie
resumes. It’s also one of the PowerPoint mantras. Many
presentations are designed not by and for a single presenter, but by a team of
presenters. Fortunately, PowerPoint includes several simple tools that let you
distribute your presentation to others and allow others to add
comments to the presentation so you can get their feedback.
This chapter shows you how to use those features.
Sharing a Presentation
in the Cloud
Recently, the term cloud computing has become
one of the most popular of all computer buzzwords.
Cloud computing refers to the idea of not being
limited to local computer resources (such as disc storage
or CPU cycles), but instead taking advantage of the
nearly limitless resources that are available to you via the
cloud (aka the Internet).
Microsoft has integrated cloud computing into PowerPoint 2013 by
providing its own dedicated cloud storage resource, called SkyDrive, and
designating it as one of the primary places you can store your PowerPoint
presentations. When you install Office 2013, you are given the opportunity
to create a free SkyDrive account that offers up to 7GB of free cloud storage,
with the capability to purchase additional storage.
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