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Sending Slides for Review Via E-mail
Figure 17-8: Sending a presentation via e-mail.
Send a link: This option works best if you’ve saved the presentation
to SkyDrive. It then creates an e-mail that contains a link that the
recipient can click to open the presentation.
Send as PDF: This option creates a PDF version of the presentation,
and then creates an e-mail that contains the PDF version as an
Send as XPS: This option creates an XPS version of the presentation
(XPS is Microsoft’s attempt at competing with PDF) and then creates
an e-mail that contains the XPS version as an attachment.
Send as Internet Fax: If you have an account with an Internet fax
service, you can use this option to send a fax of your presentation.
(This option would be more useful in today’s world if it could also
send your presentation back in time, so that, for example, the
recipient would receive the fax in 1983 — when faxing was popular.)
3. Click the option you want to use to send the e-mail.
Outlook fires up and creates an e-mail message with the correct
attachment or link, depending on which option you choose.
4. In the To field, add an e-mail address for each person to whom you
want to send a review copy.
You can type the e-mail addresses directly into the To field, or you can
click the To button to open the Address Book. You can then use the
Address Book to select your reviewers.
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