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Comparing Presentations
You can quickly scan through all the comments in a PowerPoint
presentation by using the Previous and Next buttons on the Review tab on the
You can use the Show Comments button on the Review tab to show or
hide comments from a presentation.
Comparing Presentations
The Compare feature lets you compare the differences between two versions
of a presentation and accept or reject the differences. This feature is useful
if you’ve sent a copy of the presentation to a reviewer and you want to
selectively incorporate the reviewer’s changes.
Using the Compare feature is easy. Here are the steps:
1. Open the original version of the presentation.
2. On the Review tab of the Ribbon, click the Compare button.
A dialog box appears that lets you open the revised version of the
3. Navigate to the revised version of the presentation, select it, and click
This action opens the revised version of the presentation and merges
the two presentations together, keeping track of the differences between
the original presentation and the revised version.
The differences between the original and the revised versions are
highlighted, as shown in Figure 17-10. As you can see, the revisions are
shown as check boxes, which allow you to select the individual changes
you want to accept or reject. You can also select the All Changes . . .
check box to accept or reject all the changes for a given object.
4. Use the check boxes to select the changes you want to accept or reject;
then click either Accept or Reject on the Review tab of the Ribbon.
If you click Accept, the selected changes are incorporated into the
drawing. If you click Reject, the original version of the selected changes is
5. Click the Next button found in the Compare section of the Review tab
to move to the next set of edits.
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