Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Part I: Getting Started with PowerPoint 2013
In this part . . .
✓ Get a bird’s-eye view of PowerPoint 2013 and what you can do
with it.
✓ Find out how to edit the content on PowerPoint slides, from the
text itself to text objects to other types of objects, such as clip
art pictures or drawn shapes.
✓ Understand how to work in Outline View so you can focus on
your presentation’s main points and subpoints without worrying
about appearance.
✓ Learn to proof your presentation with PowerPoint and avoid
embarrassing mistakes.
✓ Discover how to create speaker notes to help you get through
your presentation.
✓ Know how to finish the final preparations by printing copies of
your slides, notes, and handouts, as well as how to set up a
projector and actually deliver your presentation.
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