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Chapter 19: Exporting Your Presentation to Other Formats
Exporting Your Presentation
to Other Formats
In This Chapter
Exporting to PDF
Exporting to a video
Exporting to a Word document
This chapter shows you how to use a variety of PowerPoint features that
let you save your presentations in formats other than the standard
PowerPoint file format. You can save you presentation as a PDF file which
can then be viewed using Adobe’s Acrobat software. Or, you can create a
video that can be viewed over the web, using a media player, or
even on a DVD that can be played on a standard DVD player.
You can also create a self-contained presentation that can
be saved to a CD or flash drive and viewed with a free
PowerPoint viewer. And finally, you can convert a
presentation to a Word document that you can give to
your attendees as handouts.
All these features are available from the
File Export page.
Creating a PDF File
PDF, which stands for Portable Document Format, is a
popular format for interchanging files. You can easily
convert a PowerPoint presentation to PDF format by following
these steps:
1. Choose File Export Create PDF/XPS Document.
2. Click the Create PDF/XPS button.
This brings up the dialog box shown in Figure 19-1.
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