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Crafting a Video
Good news! Beginning with PowerPoint 2013, you can! In fact, creating a video
version of your presentation is a snap. First, you set up the timing you want
for each slide and for each animation within each slide. You can even add a
voice narration to each slide. After the timings and narration are all set up,
you just click a few times with the mouse, and your presentation is converted
to video.
Adding timings and narration
PowerPoint includes a nifty feature that lets you record the timings for each
slide and for each animation element (such as bullet points appearing). At
the same time, you can record your own voice to use as a narration for the
To record the timings, you essentially rehearse the presentation as if you
were giving it to an audience. PowerPoint keeps track of the time between
each mouse click or other action and records those timings along with the
As for the narration, you simply speak your narration into a microphone, and
PowerPoint attaches your recorded voice to each slide. Then, when you play
back the presentation, the slides are automatically synchronized with the
narrations you recorded.
Note that you can also record PowerPoint’s built-in laser pointer. Then, when
you play back the show or create a video, the pointer will dance across the
screen automatically! For more information about using the laser pointer,
refer to Chapter 6.
You need a microphone plugged into your computer to record narrations. I
recommend you get the kind that’s built into a headset rather than a
handheld microphone. The headset microphone will provide more consistent
voice quality, plus it will leave your hands free to work your keyboard and
mouse while you record the timings, narration, and laser pointer.
To record timings and narration, first plug a microphone into your computer’s
microphone input jack. Then, open the presentation and follow these steps:
1. Open the Slide Show tab, choose Record Slide Show and then choose
Start Recording from Beginning.
The Record Slide Show dialog box, shown in Figure 19-2, appears. This
dialog box simply asks whether you want to record slide timings or
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