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Crafting a Video
7. When you’re finished recording, press Esc.
PowerPoint ends the recording and switches to Slide Sorter View, which
displays the timings associated with each slide, as shown in Figure 19-4.
Figure 19-4: PowerPoint displays the slide show in Slide Sorter View so you can see the timings.
8. If you messed up on any slide, select that slide, click Record Slide
Show, and then choose Start Recording from Current Slide. Then
re-record the timings and narration for that slide. Press Esc to stop
You can re-record more than one slide in this way; just press Enter or
click the mouse to advance through all the slides you want to re-record.
Press Esc to stop recording.
9. Press F5 or click the Slide Show button on the right side of the status
bar to begin the slide show so you can see whether your narration
The slide show begins. The narration plays through your computer’s
speakers, and the slides advance automatically along with the narration.
The laser pointer should also appear if you used it during the recording.
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