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Crafting a Video
Here are some additional things to keep in mind about narrations:
As you record the narration, leave a little gap between each slide.
PowerPoint records the narration for each slide as a separate sound file
and then attaches the sound to the slide. Unfortunately, you get cut off if
you talk right through the slide transitions.
The narration cancels out any other sounds you placed on the slides.
To delete a narration, click the Record Slide Show button, click Clear, and
then click either Clear Narrations on Current Slide (to delete narration from
just one slide) or Clear Narration on All Slides (to delete all narration).
Creating a video
Creating a video from your presentation couldn’t be much easier. Here’s the
1. (Optional) Record the slide timings and any narration you want to use.
For the procedure to record timings and narration, refer to the
preceding section. If you skip this step, each slide will be displayed for a fixed
duration in the resulting video.
2. Choose File Export Create a Video.
The Create a Video Backstage View screen is displayed, as shown in
Figure 19-5.
3. Select the video quality.
The first drop-down list on the Create a Video page lets you choose
whether your video is targeted at computer displays, the Internet, or
portable devices.
4. Select whether to use recorded timings and narrations.
If you choose not to use recorded timings, you can set the duration to
display each slide. (The default is 5 seconds.)
5. Click Create Video.
A Save As dialog box appears.
6. Select the folder where you want to save the file and enter the
filename you want to use.
By default, the video file will be saved in the same folder as the
presentation and will have the same name, but with the extension .wmv.
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