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Packaging Your Presentation on a CD
3. Look over the options and change any that aren’t set the way you want.
The following list describes each of the options that are available:
Linked Files: Select this option to include any linked files, such as
videos or large audio files.
Embedded TrueType Fonts: Select this option to ensure that the
fonts you use in your presentation will be available when you show
the presentation on another computer.
Password to Open Each Presentation: Enter a password if the
presentation contains top-secret information, such as the true
whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa.
Password to Modify Each Presentation: Enter a password if you want
to prevent unauthorized people from changing the presentation.
Inspect Presentations for Inappropriate or Private Information: Sorry,
this option doesn’t check your presentation for off-color jokes or
naughty pictures. Instead, it checks for any personal information
that might be embedded in your presentation.
4. Click OK to return to the Package for CD dialog box.
5. If you want to add other presentations to the CD, click Add Files,
select the files that you want to add, and then click Add.
You can put as many files as will fit on the CD. You can add other
PowerPoint presentations or any other files you’d like to add to the CD,
such as Word documents or text files.
6. Click Copy to CD.
If you haven’t already inserted a blank CD into the drive, you’re
prompted to insert one now. Go ahead and insert a blank CD when
PowerPoint copies the files to the CD. This might take a few minutes, so
now is a good time to catch a few z’s. When the CD is finished, the drive
spits it out and asks whether you want to make another copy.
7. Remove the CD and then click Yes if you want to make another copy.
Otherwise, click No and then click Close.
You’re done!
The CD is set up so that the presentation should start running all by itself when
you insert it into a computer. If it doesn’t, open a My Computer window and
then open the CD drive and double-click pptview.exe. A list of presentations
on the CD appears. Double-click the one that you want to run, and off you go.
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