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VII. Keep Thy Computer Gurus Happy
VII. Keep Thy Computer Gurus Happy
If you have a friend or co-worker who knows more about computers than you
do, keep that person happy. Throw him or her an occasional Twinkie or a bag
of Cheetos. Treat computer nerds as if they’re human beings. After all, you
want them to be your friends.
VIII. Thou Shalt Backeth Up
Thy Files Day by Day
Yes, every day. One of these days, you’ll come to work only to discover a pile
of rubble where your desk used to be. A federal agent will pick up what’s left
of your computer’s keyboard and laugh. But if you back up every day, you
won’t lose more than a day’s work.
IX. Thou Shalt Fear No Evil, for
Ctrl+Z Is Always with Thee
March ahead with boldness. Not sure what a button does? Click it! Click it
twice if it makes you feel powerful! The worst that it can do is mess up your
presentation. If that happens, you can press Ctrl+Z to set things back the way
they should be.
If you really mess things up, just close the presentation without saving. Then
open the previously saved version. After all, you did obey the first
commandment, didn’t you?
X. Thou Shalt Not Panic
You’re the only one who knows you’re nervous. You’ll do just fine. Imagine
the audience naked if that will help. (Unless, of course, you’re making a
presentation to a nudist club and they actually are naked, in which case try
to imagine them with their clothes on.)
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