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No More Than Five Bullets, Please
No More Than Five Bullets, Please
Have you ever noticed how David Letterman uses two slides to display his
Top Ten lists? Dave’s producers know that ten items is way too many for one
screen. Five is just right. You might be able to slip in six now and again, but if
you’re up to seven or eight, try breaking the slide into two slides.
Avoid Excessive Verbiage Lending to Excessively
Lengthy Text That Is Not Only Redundant
but Also Repetitive and Reiterative
See what I mean? Maybe the heading should have been “Be Brief.”
Use Consistent Wording
One sign of an amateur presentation is wording in bullet lists that isn’t
grammatically consistent. Consider this list:
Profits will be improved
Expanding markets
It will reduce the amount of overseas competition
Production increase
Each list item uses a different grammatical construction. The same points
made with consistent wording have a more natural flow and make a more
compelling case:
Improved profits
Expanded markets
Reduced overseas competition
Increased production
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