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Expect the Unexpected
Expect the Unexpected
Plan on things going wrong, because they will. The projector may not focus,
the microphone may go dead, you may drop your notes on the way to the
podium. Who knows what else may happen?
Take things in stride, but be prepared for problems you can anticipate. Carry
an extra set of notes in your pocket. Bring your own microphone if you have
one. Have a backup projector ready if possible.
Don’t Be Boring
An audience can overlook almost anything, but one thing they’ll never forgive
you for is boring them. Above all, do not bore your audience.
This guideline doesn’t mean you have to tell jokes, jump up and down, or talk
fast. Jokes, excessive jumping, and rapid speech can be unimaginably boring.
If you obey the other instructions in this chapter — if you have a clear-cut
purpose and stick to it, avoid unnecessary detail, and address real needs —
you’ll never be boring. Just be yourself and have fun. If you have fun, so will
your audience.
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