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Starting PowerPoint
Illustrations: You can illustrate your slides by inserting clip art,
photographs, and other graphic elements. PowerPoint comes with a large
collection of clip art pictures you can use, and Microsoft provides an even
larger collection of clip art images online. And, of course, you can insert
photographs from your own picture library.
Charts and diagrams: PowerPoint includes a slick diagramming feature
called SmartArt that enables you to create several common types of diagrams,
including organization charts, cycle diagrams, and others. In addition, you
can insert pie charts, line or bar charts, and many other chart types.
Video and Sound: You can add sound clips or video files to your slides.
You can also add background music or a custom narration.
Starting PowerPoint
Here’s the procedure for starting PowerPoint in Windows 8:
1. Get ready.
Light some votive candles. Take two Tylenol. Put on a pot of coffee. If
you’re allergic to banana slugs, take an allergy pill. Sit in the lotus position
facing Redmond, Washington, and recite the Windows creed three times:
Bill Gates is my friend. Resistance is futile. No beer and no TV make Homer
something something . . . .
2. Press the Windows key on your keyboard.
The Windows key is the one that has the fancy Windows flag printed on
it. On most keyboards, it’s located between the Alt and Tab keys. When
you press this button, Windows brings up the Windows 8 Start screen,
which lists your commonly used applications in large tiles.
3. Click the PowerPoint 2013 tile.
That’s all there is to it — PowerPoint starts up in a flash. (Note that you
might have to scroll the Start screen to the right to find the PowerPoint
2013 tile.)
If you’re using Windows 7, the procedure is a little different:
1. Click the Start button.
The Start button is ordinarily found in the lower-left corner of the Windows
display. When you click it, the Start menu appears. The Start menu works
pretty much the same, no matter which version of Windows you’re using.
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