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Navigating the PowerPoint Interface
If you can’t find the Start button, try moving the cursor all the way to the
bottom edge of the screen and holding it there a moment. With luck on
your side, you see the Start button appear. If not, try moving the cursor
to the other three edges of the screen: top, left, and right. Sometimes the
Start button hides behind these edges.
2. Point to All Programs on the Start menu.
After you click the Start button to reveal the Start menu, move the
cursor up to the words All Programs and hold it there a moment. Yet
another menu appears, revealing a bevy of commands.
3. Choose Microsoft Office Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013.
Your computer whirs and clicks and possibly makes other
unmentionable noises while PowerPoint comes to life.
If you use PowerPoint frequently, it might appear in the Frequently Used
Programs list directly on the Start menu so you don’t have to choose All
Programs Microsoft Office to get to it. If you want PowerPoint to always
appear at the top of the Start menu, choose Start All Programs Microsoft
Office. Then, right-click Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013 and choose the Pin
to Start Menu command.
If you hate clicking through menus but don’t mind typing, another way to
start PowerPoint is to press your keyboard’s Windows key (usually found
between the Ctrl and Alt keys), type the word powerpoint , and press the
Enter key. (Note that this trick works only in Windows 7.)
Navigating the PowerPoint Interface
When you start PowerPoint, it greets you with the screen shown in Figure 1-1.
This screen lets you create a blank presentation, open a recently used
presentation, or create a new presentation based on a template. You can also
take a video tour of PowerPoint.
For the purposes of this chapter, click Blank Presentation to get started with
a new presentation. You will next be greeted with a screen that’s so cluttered
with stuff that you’re soon ready to consider newsprint and markers as a
viable alternative for your presentations. The center of the screen is
mercifully blank, but the top part of the screen is chock-full of little icons and
buttons and doohickeys. What is all that stuff?
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