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The View from Here Is Great
Table 1-1
Basic Tabs on the Ribbon
Actions You Can Perform
Open, close, print, and share presentations
Create and format slides
Insert various types of objects on slides
Tweak the layout of a slide
Change the transition effects that are applied when you switch
from one slide to the next
Add animation effects to your slides
Slide Show
Present your slide show
Proof and add comments to your presentations
Change the view
Besides these basic tabs, additional tabs appear from time to time. For
example, if you select a picture, a Picture Tools tab appears with commands that
let you manipulate the picture.
The commands on a Ribbon tab are organized into groups. Within each
group, most of the commands are simple buttons that are similar to toolbar
buttons in previous versions of PowerPoint.
The View from Here Is Great
Near the right edge of the status bar is a series of four View buttons. These
buttons enable you to switch among the various views, or ways of looking at
your presentation. Table 1-2 summarizes what each View button does.
Table 1-2
View Buttons
What It Does
Switches to Normal View, which shows your slide, outline, and
notes all at once. This is the default view for PowerPoint.
Switches to Slide Sorter View, which enables you to easily
rearrange slides and add slide transitions and other special effects.
Switches to Reading View, which displays your slide show
within a window.
Switches to Slide Show View, which displays your slides in
full-screen mode. This is the view you use when you’re actually
giving your presentation.
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