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Taking the Backstage Tour
Taking the Backstage Tour
Every summer, I attend plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland,
Oregon. A few years ago, I took the special backstage tour, which revealed all
kinds of nifty secrets worthy of a Dan Brown novel.
This section takes a brief look at PowerPoint’s Backstage View feature, which
provides access to document management features previously found on the
File menu. When you click the File tab in the top-left corner of the PowerPoint
window, PowerPoint switches to Backstage View, as shown in Figure 1-4.
Figure 1-4: Backstage View.
Initially, Backstage View displays information about the current presentation.
However, the menu on the left — which bears a striking resemblance to what
used to be called the File menu back in the day when programs had plain
menus instead of fancy ribbons — provides access to the hidden features of
PowerPoint available only to those who venture backstage.
You find out how to use the most important of these commands later in this
chapter, and several of the more advanced commands on this menu are
presented in later chapters.
Okay, the only secret I learned on the backstage tour at Ashland that was really
worthy of a Dan Brown novel is the one about Psalm 46 in the King James
translation of the Bible, which was published in 1611 — when William Shakespeare
turned 46. If you count 46 words from the start of the Psalm, you get the word
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