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Creating a New Presentation
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Creating a New Presentation
The simplest way to create a new presentation is to start PowerPoint, click
Blank Presentation on the opening screen (see Figure 1-1), and then edit the
blank presentation to your liking.
After PowerPoint is started, you can also create a new presentation by clicking
the File tab to switch to Backstage View and then clicking the New command.
This action brings up the screen shown in Figure 1-5, which offers several
ways to create a new presentation:
Choose Blank Presentation: Double-click Blank Presentation to start a
new presentation from scratch.
Choose a template: You can select one of the displayed templates to
create a new presentation based on the template’s design. Several
templates are displayed on the New screen.
Search for a template: You can type a search phrase into the Search
text box and then click the magnifying glass icon. Doing this opens a list
of templates that match your search criteria. Double-click one of these
templates to create a presentation based on it.
Figure 1-5: Creating a new presentation on the New screen in Backstage View.
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