Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Creating a New Presentation
Figure 1-7: A typical text slide.
Moving from slide to slide
You have several ways to move forward and backward through your
presentation, from slide to slide:
Click one of the double-headed arrows at the bottom of the vertical
scroll bar. Doing so moves you through the presentation one slide at a
Press the Page Up and Page Down keys. Using these keys also moves
one slide at a time.
Use the scroll bar. When you drag the box in the scroll bar, a tooltip
appears to display the number and title of the current slide. Dragging
the scroll bar is the quickest way to move directly to any slide in your
In the list of slides on the left side of the window, click the thumbnail
for the slide that you want to display. If the thumbnails are not visible,
click the Slides tab above the outline.
Choosing a design
In Parts II and III of this topic, you discover many different ways to create
great-looking slides. However, you don’t have to wait until then to apply
some basic style to your presentation. I’ve already mentioned that Office
2013 comes preloaded with a handful of professionally designed themes that
enable you to create polished presentations with just the click of a mouse. To
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