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Displaying Your Presentation
apply one of these themes, just select the Design tab on the Ribbon and then
click the theme you want to apply in the Themes group. Figure 1-8 shows a
presentation after a theme has been applied.
Because of space constraints, PowerPoint doesn’t display all the available
themes on the Ribbon at the same time. But just to the right of the themes is
a scroll bar that you can use to scroll through the themes. And the button at
the bottom of the scroll bar brings up a gallery that displays all the themes
that come with Office 2013.
Figure 1-8: A slide after a theme has been applied.
Displaying Your Presentation
When your masterpiece is ready, you can show it on the screen. Just follow
these steps:
1. Choose the Slide Show tab on the Ribbon and then click the From
Beginning button in the Start Slide Show group (shown in the margin).
There are several shortcuts to this command. You can also start the
show by pressing F5 or by clicking the Slide Show button, located with
the other view buttons in the lower-right corner of the screen.
2. Behold the first slide.
The slide fills the screen.
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