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Getting Help
Getting Help
The ideal way to use PowerPoint would be to have a PowerPoint expert
sitting patiently at your side, answering your every question with a
straightforward answer, gently correcting you when you make silly mistakes, and
otherwise minding his or her own business. All you’d have to do is
occasionally toss the expert a Twinkie and let him or her outside once a day.
Short of that, the next best thing is to find out how to coax PowerPoint itself
into giving you the answers you need. Fortunately, PowerPoint includes a
nice built-in Help feature that can answer your questions. No matter how
deeply you’re lost in the PowerPoint jungle, help is never more than a few
mouse clicks or keystrokes away.
As with everything else in Office, more than one method is available for
calling up help when you need it. The easiest thing to do would be to yell,
“Skipper!!!” in your best Gilligan voice. Otherwise, you have the following
Press F1 or click the Help button, located just above the right edge of
the Ribbon. This activates PowerPoint’s main Help system, shown in
Figure 1-11.
Whenever a dialog box is displayed, you can click the question mark
button in the top-right corner of the dialog box to summon help.
When you hover the mouse over an item in the Ribbon, a tooltip appears
explaining what the item does. Many of these tooltips include the phrase
“Press F1 for more help.” In that case, you can press F1 to get help
specific to that item.
The Help dialog box in Figure 1-11 offers several ways to access the help you
need. The following paragraphs describe the various ways you can work your
way through PowerPoint’s Help feature:
Help window links: You can click any of the links that appear in the
Help window to display help on a particular topic. For example, if you
click the Working with Charts link, you’ll find a page of useful
information about creating charts.
Search: If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try entering a word or
phrase in the Search text box and clicking the Search button. This
displays a list of topics that pertain to the word or phrase you entered.
Pushpin icon: Normally, the Help window always displays on top. In
many cases, this obscures your access to the PowerPoint window. If you
don’t want the Help window to always stay on top, you can click the
button with the pushpin icon. Then the Help window will minimize like
any other window.
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