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Moving from Slide to Slide
Most of the objects on your slides are text objects, which let you type text
on your slides. For more information about working with text objects, see
Chapter 7.
Every slide has a slide layout that consists of one or more placeholders. A
placeholder is simply an area on a slide that’s reserved for text, clip art, a
graph, or some other type of object. For example, a slide that uses the Title
layout has two placeholders for text objects: one for the title and the other
for the subtitle. You use the Slide Layout task pane to select the layout when
you create new slides. You can change the layout later, as well as add more
objects to the slide. You can also delete, move, or resize objects if you want.
For more information about slide layouts, see Chapter 1.
You can add many different types of objects, such as clip art, charts, graphs,
shapes, and so on. You can add more objects to your slide with one of the
tools that appears on the Drawing toolbar at the bottom of the screen or by
using the icons that appear in the center of slides created using the Content
layouts. For more information about adding objects to your slides, see
Chapters 11 through 16.
Each object occupies a rectangular region on the slide. The contents of the
object may or may not visually fill the rectangular region, but you can see
the outline of the object when you select it. (See the next section “Selecting
Objects can overlap. Usually, you don’t want them to, but sometimes doing
so creates a jazzy effect. You may lay some text on top of some clip art, for
Selecting objects
Before you can edit anything on a slide, you have to select the object that
contains whatever it is that you want to edit. For example, you can’t start
typing away to edit text onscreen. Instead, you must first select the text
object that contains the text you want to edit. Likewise, you must select
other types of objects before you can edit their contents.
Note that you must be in Normal view to select individual objects on the
slide. In Slide Sorter view, you can select whole slides but not the individual
elements on them.
Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when selecting objects:
Text objects: To select a text object so that you can edit its text, move
the insertion point over the text that you want to edit and then click. A
rectangular box appears around the object, and a text insertion point
appears so that you can start typing away.
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