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Moving from Slide to Slide
Non-text objects: Other types of objects work a little differently. Click an
object, and the object is selected. The rectangular box appears around
the object to let you know that you’ve hooked it. After you’ve hooked
the object, you can drag it around the screen or change its size, but you
can’t edit its contents.
The Ctrl key: You can select more than one object by selecting the first
object and then holding down the Ctrl key while clicking to select
additional objects.
Click and drag: Another way to select an object — or more than one
object — is to use the insertion point to drag a rectangle around the objects
that you want to select. Point to a location above and to the left of the
object(s) that you want to select, and then click and drag the mouse
down and to the right until the rectangle surrounds the objects. When
you release the button, all the objects within the rectangle are selected.
The Tab key: Also, you can press the Tab key to select objects. Press Tab
once to select the first object on the slide. Press Tab again to select the
next object. Keep pressing Tab until the object that you want is selected.
Pressing Tab to select objects is handy when you can’t easily point
to the object that you want to select. This problem can happen if the
object that you want is buried underneath another object or if the object
is empty or otherwise invisible and you’re not sure of its location.
Resizing or moving an object
When you select an object, an outline box appears around it, as shown in
Figure 2-1. If you look closely at the box, you can see that it has love handles,
one on each corner and one in the middle of each edge. You can use these
love handles to adjust the size of an object. You can also grab the box edge
between the love handles to move the object on the slide. (Technically, the
love handles are called sizing handles. )
In addition, for many types of objects, a circular arrow called the rotate
handle appears, floating above the object. You can rotate the object by
grabbing this handle and dragging it around in a circle. (Not all types of objects
can be rotated, however. For example, you can’t rotate charts.)
To change the size of an object, click the object to select it and then grab one
of the love handles by clicking. Hold down the mouse button and then move
the mouse to change the object’s size.
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