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Sizing handle
Figure 2-1: You can resize this object by taking hold of its love handles.
The various handles on an object give you different ways to change the
object’s size:
The handles at the corners enable you to change both the height and
the width of the object.
The handles on the top and bottom edges enable you to change just the
object’s height.
The handles on the right and left edges change just the width of the
If you hold down the Ctrl key while you drag one of the love handles, the
object stays centered at its current position on the slide as its size adjusts.
Try it to see what I mean. Also, try holding down the Shift key while you drag
an object by using one of the corner love handles. This combination
maintains the object’s proportions when you resize it.
Changing a text object’s size doesn’t change the size of the text in the object;
it changes only the size of the frame that contains the text. Changing the width
of a text object is equivalent to changing margins in a word processor: It
makes the text lines wider or narrower. To change the size of the text within
a text object, you must change the font size. For more information, see
Chapter 7.
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